Bonding, Fillings & Whitening

It feels great to smile with confidence!


Bonding involves the adhesion of a composite resin material to the tooth. It can be used in the same manner as a porcelain veneer to repair chipped, broken, discoloured or crooked teeth. Composite veneers are an inexpensive alternative to porcelain veneers but do not provide the same durability.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Many people do not like the metallic look of silver/mercury amalgam fillings. Tooth coloured fillings are dental fillings that restore and mimic the natural appearance of tooth structure. They are less prone than metal fillings to cause further cracking of the remaining portion of the tooth. In addition, they can often reinforce a weakened tooth because they are bonded into place.


Teeth Whitening

Like it or not, brilliant white teeth are now associated with beauty, wealth, and youth. That is why so many people are searching for tooth whitening products that are effective. Teeth are often stained from smoking, food, coffee, tea, red wine or poor oral hygiene. Whitening the teeth can enhance the appearance of your smile and make you feel more confident.